Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Ho!Ho!Ho!!! Merry Holiday everyone!!!! That is only for those who are studying in university i.e. ME! *yawn* well, *stretches toes* it has already been one week into the holiday and I'm pretty bored already. Then I remember my good ol' bloggy.

First of all, finishing exams early sucked!! Because I had less time to study and the perpetual rain afterwards certainly did not make up for it (ironically it was bright and sunny and all nice and i felt like ripping my shirt off and lie on the sultry beach during the examination prep, ha! meh >.>) Had 4 exams in one and half weeks after the end of semester, cramming at it's best and that was why I wasn't on bloggy for a while.

Then it's the fact that I have no peeps to catch up with yet. I finished at least a week earlier than everyone else, and since sunbathing is out of the equation, it means that I got no one to play with = forever alone :(

That means I am now stuck to novels. I am reading 'Bleak House' by Charles Dickens atm, it's pretty cool really, kinda like the forefather to the modern day soap opera. In a nut shell, it's about a bunch of characters surrounding an indefinite lawsuit. The novel is narrated in third person limited view surrounding different characters. From what I've seen so far, the book heavily emphasised on the unfair social reality and the inefficient justice system in the early 19th century. I am currently half way through and the plot is building up, that means... NO SPOIL!!! 

Talking about spoils, that reminds me, back in high school when the 7th Harry Potter novel came out. This guy was reading it between class, and he warned everyone not to spoil the plot for him or he will rage. And this joker said:"btw are you up to the part where dobby died?"

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