Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Ho!Ho!Ho!!! Merry Holiday everyone!!!! That is only for those who are studying in university i.e. ME! *yawn* well, *stretches toes* it has already been one week into the holiday and I'm pretty bored already. Then I remember my good ol' bloggy.

First of all, finishing exams early sucked!! Because I had less time to study and the perpetual rain afterwards certainly did not make up for it (ironically it was bright and sunny and all nice and i felt like ripping my shirt off and lie on the sultry beach during the examination prep, ha! meh >.>) Had 4 exams in one and half weeks after the end of semester, cramming at it's best and that was why I wasn't on bloggy for a while.

Then it's the fact that I have no peeps to catch up with yet. I finished at least a week earlier than everyone else, and since sunbathing is out of the equation, it means that I got no one to play with = forever alone :(

That means I am now stuck to novels. I am reading 'Bleak House' by Charles Dickens atm, it's pretty cool really, kinda like the forefather to the modern day soap opera. In a nut shell, it's about a bunch of characters surrounding an indefinite lawsuit. The novel is narrated in third person limited view surrounding different characters. From what I've seen so far, the book heavily emphasised on the unfair social reality and the inefficient justice system in the early 19th century. I am currently half way through and the plot is building up, that means... NO SPOIL!!! 

Talking about spoils, that reminds me, back in high school when the 7th Harry Potter novel came out. This guy was reading it between class, and he warned everyone not to spoil the plot for him or he will rage. And this joker said:"btw are you up to the part where dobby died?"

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A modern visionary has passed away T.T

I could barely believe my eyes when I read the news that Steve Jobs, the visionary behind Apple's recent success and the founder of Pixar, has passed away. I thought that it has to be a joke of some sorts, kind of like when I heard Michael Jackson died couple of years back. It's easy to think that legends would never die, but then I guess legacies will never be born. 

I immediately shared the news to everyone else in the room, who were busily engaged in sharing trifle anecdote. Expectantly those unappreciative souls barely took notice and quickly dismissed the news with a brazen "so?" While Facebook was flooded with the shocking news and couple of disrespectful "likes" of such news.

What would happen to Apple now? Or the world in general? He had lived as the icon for Apple and he always will in the near future. In the wake of upcoming release of the new iPhone 4S, even though Jobs has resigned as CEO, Job's sudden departure would surely harm its sales. His iPhone has overhauled the smartphone industry and brought the industrial advantage and momentum to Apple. Every time when I send that red bird to its inevitable death or when I slash that juicy watermelon to shreds, I will always remember the changes Jobs has brought to this world.

RIP Steve Jobs 5/10/2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Post numero deux!!!!

Yay commitment ftw!!! I am back for some more blogaa!!! Today I have discovered the amazing world of html coding thingy majeck!!!!!! and this thingy called 'embed' :OOO I thought I would never have to handle such primitive things, you know, since I use this tiny website called 'facebook' that doesn't present its users with complicated codes and what not X(, not sure if you've heard of it, here's a link to the site itself:[url=[/url]

gahh... X) im not doing it properly i think. Any tips on a newbie??

 how do I upload my local mp3 file???!!!

Until then, I will just have to settle with youtube embeds XD

Lion's first blogaa!!! and epic day :)

Holloa!!! I am finally going to start writing blogzzz, well I guess I will have to start with an introduction about myself.

*ahem* Hi, my fellow bloggers, my name is Lion Yang, I go to University of Auckland and is currently studying Law and Commerce. I like play le piano and playz le video gamez all day long, except for when I am busy learning to improve me grammar. I write poems occasionally when inspiration strikes, which is not very often nowadays :/ Cant be stuffed to list everything now, why don't I tell you about my day?

It's too damn hot today, too hot for a newborn spring. By 4:05 I felt like stripping naked on Queen Street, and this is what had happened. My bus is scheduled to arrive in Albert Street at 4:05pm, and just like the timely bus arrival, my last lecture actually finished on time today, at 4:00pm rather than the usual 30 mins early dismissal. Unaware of the time and accustomed to the usual laxation, I was wallowing my way through the campus, just like a fat hippo (I like fat hippos btw, they da cute). Anyway, it wasn't until the four o'clock chime that struck the alarm in my head. Having realised that I have just entered Albert Park (which is like right next to the campus and really farrrrrrrrr from the bus stop), I figured that I only have probably about 4 mins to get to the bus stop. I laid two options before me, either to immediately execute a non-stop sprint that would push myself to the life's edge or waste 35mins of my life in this temporal world waiting for the next bus having to live with the regret that I could have at least tried to save those minutes. Then my friends, the choice became a simple one. I tucked away my wallet, tied my shoelaces, strapped my bag, checked my txts and before you know it, I was dashing my way across the park.

"Damn why did I bring my laptop today,' I thought, 'thank you Toshiba and your anaesthetically fat laptops, why you no be iPad??' As I was cutting my ways across the park, trampling numerous poor grass plots, catching the glances of curious strollers in the process, I felt free!!! The intensity of the body-aches, the pressing time and the damn heavy brick on my back felt ecstatic. It had been ages since my body was so pushed and trialled.

I exited the park, and continued dashing across the now filled pedestrian. 'Ahh... downhill, just the way i like it.' I took this opportunity to quickly check out my hair in front of the shop window. As I approached the bottom of the street I saw the oncoming traffic light. Judging by the amount of people accumulated at the stop , surely it must be green soon, so I dismissed the potential threat. Luckily when I got to the stop, the light turned green, but I didn't slow to a pace just like everyone else. Not yet anyway, I am almost there, and there's nothing to stop me, except for a bloody 200m sharp rise. "why!!! Why NZ!!! Why you so hilly!!!" But that's the way nature works, you had your downhill, now suck it up and man up. As I climbed to the top I saw the bus sitting at the stop across the street, 'ahh good at least it hasn't left yet, wait...but that means I'm not early either!!!!' Hoping that the bus driver is taking a nap or something, I anxiously looked at the traffic light between me and my salvation; the red dude is taking forever to change, but screw that!! bus is taking off!!!! I have came so close to achieve it, and I ain't letting it go now. I will put my body in front of the bus if I have to and putting my body in front of the bus is what I did. I jaywalked across the busy city street... like a jay and held out my hand to signal the bus driver to press the bloody brake. As the bus halted and the door opened, I felt triumphant, even though I am puffing my heart out as I fumbled through my bag for my wallet, I was smiling. I wasn't smiling because the driver made a joke about my exhausted state, but because I knew that my effort wasn't in vain, that I had succeeded. I glanced at the clock, 4:05. For once, I preferred the bus to be late.