Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Post numero deux!!!!

Yay commitment ftw!!! I am back for some more blogaa!!! Today I have discovered the amazing world of html coding thingy majeck!!!!!! and this thingy called 'embed' :OOO I thought I would never have to handle such primitive things, you know, since I use this tiny website called 'facebook' that doesn't present its users with complicated codes and what not X(, not sure if you've heard of it, here's a link to the site itself:[url=http://www.facebook.com[/url]

gahh... X) im not doing it properly i think. Any tips on a newbie??

 how do I upload my local mp3 file???!!!

Until then, I will just have to settle with youtube embeds XD


  1. as your sister, I have absolutely no comment to make about your newly pimped blog....

  2. HTML coding is so fun - I know a bit from my computer geek father :)

    Link something by typing what you want to say, for example "facebook", highlighting it, then clicking the link button up the top of the post editor. Much simpler than using html (in which case you'd go what you want to say)