Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A modern visionary has passed away T.T

I could barely believe my eyes when I read the news that Steve Jobs, the visionary behind Apple's recent success and the founder of Pixar, has passed away. I thought that it has to be a joke of some sorts, kind of like when I heard Michael Jackson died couple of years back. It's easy to think that legends would never die, but then I guess legacies will never be born. 

I immediately shared the news to everyone else in the room, who were busily engaged in sharing trifle anecdote. Expectantly those unappreciative souls barely took notice and quickly dismissed the news with a brazen "so?" While Facebook was flooded with the shocking news and couple of disrespectful "likes" of such news.

What would happen to Apple now? Or the world in general? He had lived as the icon for Apple and he always will in the near future. In the wake of upcoming release of the new iPhone 4S, even though Jobs has resigned as CEO, Job's sudden departure would surely harm its sales. His iPhone has overhauled the smartphone industry and brought the industrial advantage and momentum to Apple. Every time when I send that red bird to its inevitable death or when I slash that juicy watermelon to shreds, I will always remember the changes Jobs has brought to this world.

RIP Steve Jobs 5/10/2011

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  1. RIP Steve Jobs. He has done so much for the world, and has definitely achieved a lot of great things.

    And LOL @ the last sentence.